Woodland Trade Company produces high quality tools from concept through final inspection.

The process starts with:

  • Catia design department that can take engineering and a statement of work to create any type of custom tool.
  • CNC programming department that incorporates a variety of CAM systems to produce multi-axis code.
  • The machining stage is where precision parts are manufactured. Depending on the material being utilized , it will either go to our CNC metal machining or our CNC router departments.
  • The tool then moves on to the soft tooling and/or assembly departments. Soft tooling uses fiberglass and other composities to build a variety of tools such as laminate molds, slosh molds, and trim fixtures.
  • Tool Assembly: All of the fabricated details are deburred and surface finishes are completed to drawing specification. A fully assembled functioning tool is then routed to our Quality Assurance department for identification and final inspection.